Eventlocation with history

The Conference Center Laxenburg and the Palais Niederösterreich are houses full of history.

The Conference Center Laxenburg was closely connected to the imperial court. As the Lower Austrian residence of Maria Theresa and location of the first major theatrical performances for the imperial court, the Conference Center Laxenburg has been and still is a meeting place for great events.

The Palais Niederösterreich in the heart of Vienna is a political and societal house. Once, the estates of the Archduchy of Austria under the Enns gathered here together, and later the Lower Austrian state parliament, the so-called “Landtag”. This is where the archdukes’ homages were made. The revolution in the Austrian Empire began here in 1848.

Ceiling fresco & theatre hall

The Palais Niederösterreich with its impressive ceiling fresco in the “Landtagssaal” is the largest contiguous ceiling painting in Austria with 11 × 25.6 m. Due to the curvature, its area covers an impressive 472.14 m². It was designed and manufactured by Antonio Beduzzi in 1710.

The Laxenburger palace theatre is the only surviving theatre in Austria in which the two masterpieces, Mozart’s “Le nozze di Figaro” and Hasse’s “Piramo e Tisbe”, could be listened to during the lifetime of the two great composers. The palace theatre was designed and built by Nicolo Pacassi in 1753.