The Prälatensaal – Hall of Prelates

The Prälatensaal may be the smallest stateroom in Palais Niederösterreich but that makes it no less impressive. The silk wallpaper and richly decorated wood ceiling make it one of the palace’s small gems. It is especially suitable for smaller events when combined with the Gotische Zimmer – Gothic Room – and foyer in front of it. It can also be used as a dressing room for entertainers if combined with the adjacent LandtagssaalParliament Hall.

Prälatensaal Utafel

The Gotische Zimmer – Gothic Room

The Gotische Zimmer is one of the oldest parts of Palais Niederösterreich and has remained in excellent condition despite many conversions. Stonemasonry marks are still visible at the base of the vaulted ceiling. Combined with the artistically designed glass window, a piece of history comes to life.