The Foyers

First impressions count! And that’s why we attach so much importance to our entrance area. Furnished with ornate chandeliers and fireplaces, the foyers span the entire length of the property. They give you ample space to receive your guests or can be used for sponsor presentations.

Mobile cloakroom units enable you to adapt the versatile reception area in line with your needs. Spacious and modern toilet facilities are fully accessible to people with disabilities from the foyer.

The Theatre Foyer

The spacious foyer in Conference Center Laxenburg’s south wing spans some 180 m² and ends at the TheatersaalTheatre Hall. Its large windows overlooking the festival grounds make this bright room especially suitable for use as a reception area or for breaks. Having said that, people also like to use it for exhibitions. During the ball season, the foyer is available for use as a discotheque or bar area.