The largest contiguous ceiling fresco in Austria

The 11 x 25.6 m ceiling fresco in the „Landtagssaal“ is the largest contiguous ceiling painting in Austria. Due to the curvature, its area covers impressive 472.14 squaremetres. It was designed and painted by Antonio Beduzzi in 1710. The frescoes are Beduzzi’s main work and impressed then as now. The program of the fresco – “The order for world domination” – was considered political propaganda for the “House of Austria”. The illustration shows “Providence for Austria through Providence” – Providence gives Austria the order for world domination. Wrapped in a blue robe and a gold-colored coat, the personification of the “Providence” of the “Austria” hands a flag on which the coat of arms of Emperor Joseph I is emblazoned on the chest of a double-headed eagle, in turn exaggerated by the Habsburg house crown. On the left there is a representation of the large “five-bird coat of arms” surrounded by scrollwork and tendrils – not five eagles, as today, but five larks. A binding sign can be seen opposite on the right