The Foyers

The two modern foyers on the first floor provide an exciting contrast to the magnificent rooms behind them. They are ideal for welcoming your guests, for registration or for breaks.

The foyers connect the staterooms and provide access to the sanitary facilities and kitchens.

This makes it possible to put together event spaces with comprehensive infrastructure and comfort flexibly, based on the size of the event.

The Cloakrooms

What would an event venue be without a cloakroom? To allow us to provide you with enough space, we have two of them! The modern cloakroom foyer to the left on the ground floor offers a stylistic contrast to our staterooms and has various options for use – as a reception room or lounge. Alternatively, it can be used in its classic form as a cloakroom for up to 350 items of clothing. When balls are held this area is converted to a discotheque because it already has a counter.

An additional cloakroom foyer for another 350 items of clothing is situated to the right. Having said that, it is also often used for exhibitions or as a registration area. Accordingly, you have free rein in these two rooms as well.