Hybrid Events

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At our Palais Niederösterreich you can design your event as a hybrid event.

Your guests – in our location or at their homes or offices – can take part in the event on their smartphone, tablet or PC / laptop and interact directly with the speakers via live stream or social media. You are getting everything out of one hand with us.

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General questions

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event takes place on site in an event location and at the same time it offers the opportunity to follow the event online. You can actively participate in it – either if you are on site or far away at home or in your office. Organizers and participants is then offered an attractive world and it can help to make the whole event more interesting and versatile.

Advantages of a hybrid event

– Higher number of participants
– Flexible adaptation of the live event to current regulatory requirements
– Participants from all over the world can easily “visit” the event and take part in it

Specific questions

What internet connection is there in Palais Niederösterreich?

The bandwidths can be adjusted according to your requirements. A bandwidth of up to 80 Mbit / s including unlimited data transfer is available as standard. Devices can communicate with each other within the network. For example, we can reserve 60 Mbit / s for the stream and 20 Mbit / s for the guest WiFi. Individual adjustments and bandwidth increases are possible.

What are the options for a stream?

Our in-house av-equipment and our partners enable perfect audio and video transmission of your event in HD quality. We are happy to set up your own secure WiFi with the event name for your guests on site.

Is there a guaranteed bandwidth for event participants?

Yes, there is a guaranteed bandwidth for event participants. Depending on the bandwidth for the stream, the remaining bandwidth is used for the participants on site. There is also the option to limit the bandwidth for the participants.

Is the Palais Niederösterreich setting up a landing page for the stream?

Events are as individual as the design and the type of communication. For this reason, Palais Niederösterreich currently does not offer the generation of landing pages or links to the event’s social media channels.